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30" Elica Air Cooking Series Nikolatesla Flux Induction Cooktop - ENF430BL

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Product Benefits

Delay Switch Off

A smart timer feature allows you to set the automatic switch-off of the product after a predetermined time. Delayed shutdown may be used in order to leave the hood on even after cooking, so to fully remove stubborn odors and residual humidity.


If the hob is accidentally switched off, the Recall feature is activated within 6 seconds: just one touch is all it takes to reset all of the previously set features, on all cooking zones and the extraction system.

Warming Mode

This feature was designed for low temperature cooking, ideal for heating liquids such as milk and broth, as well as creams and sauces without worrying about them over-heating. Furthermore, Warming Mode keeps prepared food warm, while other foods are still cooking.

Pot Self-Detection

The hob is equipped with special technology that automatically detects the presence of cookware on the cooking zones. Once detected, the corresponding controls will light up on the interface, thus letting the user set the power level. Thanks to this feature, the appliance is efficient and safe, activating only in the presence of correctly positioned cookware.

Total Integration

Always more popular in today's modern kitchen,

Long Life Filter ++

Long-Life Filters ++ have been developed by Elica to reach maximum performance levels and guarantee odor filtering efficiency, which is much higher than average. In order to simplify maintenance operations and reduce environmental impact, these anti-odor filters can be regenerated, lasting up to 3 to 5 years, thus avoiding frequent replacements and waste.

Easy Maintenance

Keeping your hood clean not only ensures maximum hygiene in the kitchen but also long life for the product. The Elica models are designed with materials and finishes for instant maintenance operations. All the components, such as the grease and odour filters, can be easily accessed and removed so they can be washed or rapidly replaced.


Airmatic makes your extractor hob fully automatic. Its smart sensor is able to distinguish fume quality and type of cooking, and combines this information with the number and power level of induction zones used, so to always have the best extraction setting. Even when cooking is finished, the system automatically adapts gradually lowering extraction and eliminating any residual vapors, odors and humidity. This advanced technology represents the highest level in the extractor hob market, thus allowing for the best balance between silence, power and energy savings.

Bridge Zones

When you cook using longer or large pans, there is a risk that the heat is progressively dispersed on the surface of the pan from the centre outwards. The Bridge Zone function solves the problem by joining two cooking areas into one single larger area. With the same power, uniform and constant temperature for the best result of your dishes.

Child Lock

If you have children in your home, the Child Lock function is invaluable for ensuring the cooking or extraction areas are not accidentally switched on. The function can be enabled when the product is switched on but the cooking areas and extraction are switched off.

Temperature Manager

On a daily basis, we often prepare our own signature recipes as well as standard dishes. The Temperature Manager function is an excellent tool for optimising times. Just start one of the three pre-set programs (42, 72 or 92 degrees) with a simple, intuitive button and start cooking your more delicate dishes, such as mousses or sauces, reheating dishes or boiling water. No wasting of time and maximum efficiency.


Forget about cooking times by turning on the timer. Just set the minutes and start the countdown. At the end, the cooking area will be automatically switched off and a beeper will sound. You can set independent timers on more than one area at the same time with the touch remote control.


At times, we must suddenly leave the kitchen in the middle of our recipe and stop cooking. The Stop&Go feature lets us pause all of the features in use on the hob, to later restore them back to what was previously set, by just pressing a button. Thus combining safety, great cooking results and multitasking magamenet.

Pot Detector

It is easy to see where to position the pot on the induction hob. With Pot Detector, the hob automatically detects the presence of the pot on the cooking area and provides heat only when it is correctly positioned.

Technical features

Induction technology that redefines your cooking experience. With an integrated aspiration system equipped with a powerful central fan of 600 CFM, it can reach very high-performance levels in terms of air capture, noise level, and energy efficiency. Perfect to compliment any kitchen design, Nikola Tesla Flux is available in 30” & 36” widths.   Thanks to Airmatic technology, NikolaTesla Flux is able to automatically adjust the extraction speed, thus optimising power consumption and performance of the 600 CFM downdraft blower. The control interface is intuitive and easy to use thanks to a specific slider for each zone and is totally invisible in standby mode, to be discreet and elegant.

FinishesBlack glass
9 power levelSi
Bridge Zone2
Voltage220 - 240 V

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